Other offerings – intuitive healing

As I begin my fourth year as a bodywork practitioner, I continue to evolve and grow. I would like to announce that I am offering intuitive healings in addition to my newly expanded regular massage schedule. First, some context, then details at the end of the post.

Last year I closed a chapter of five years in the environmental education field with San Francisco’s Youth Stewardship Program. From there, I spent six months studying a more western medical approach to massage with the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program at the National Holistic Institute. I revisited and expanded my anatomical knowledge, explored cadavers, learned about common issues and injuries in every part of the body, and improved my assessment skills.

Simultaneously, I completed over two years of study in the art of subtle energy. I graduated from Psychic Horizons and became an (agnostic Jewish) Reverend. The program involved a deep dive into energetic meditation, inner questioning, reading energy, and spiritual exploration.

Since I began at Psychic Horizons, I have given hundreds of energy readings. Now, I am integrating these pursuits in my massage practice. My effectiveness as a massage therapist is enhanced by meditation. My practice sets solid boundaries, grounds and connects me to myself, and clarifies my intention to support you to get the massage you want.

Beyond massage, I wish to continue to offer energy healing to anyone who might benefit.

Intuitive healing details:

  • Sessions are approximately an hour long.
  • I conduct healings over the phone and may be open to an in-person healing for friends, family, or trusted clients.
  • Each session includes exploration into two to three questions that you would like me to look at and ends with a healing. Please prepare questions in advance.
  • I don’t tell the future or give advice.
  • Email me if you are interested or curious and we can set up a session!