What does massage do?

  • At its root, therapeutic touch supports human connection and can facilitate the integration of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Massage helps you relax and de-stress by calming survival energies (fight, flight, or freeze) and bringing online the rest, digest, and repair functions within the autonomic nervous system.
  • Massage supports healthy circulation of blood and lymph bringing nourishment to all cells in the body and removing waste efficiently.
  • Massage can facilitate release of knotted or tight tissues when you feel stuck or blocked in specific areas of your body.
  • In the case of acute or chronic injury, massage can speed up the body’s natural healing process. In each stage of healing, massage can help by reducing inflammation, increasing pain-free range of motion, and guiding flexible and well-aligned tissue repair.
  • Myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) imbalances can be assessed and targeted during your therapeutic massage. This helps restore optimum balance and reset overly lengthened or shortened muscles to improve posture.

Where does massage fit into a healthy lifestyle?

  • Massage is integrative and preventative therapy. Western medicine excels at saving lives when faced with acute injury or illness by using pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. When you wish to thrive, heal, and prevent health issues in the first place, therapeutic massage is one of many holistic disciplines you can turn to.
  • Massage creates connection. Massage can increase body awareness and wake up muscles by speaking directly to the nervous system. This can clarify the map of your body in your brain. Research shows that this can lead to greater ease of movement and decreased likelihood of pain and injury over time.
  • Massage can support emotional healing. Since we are beings of body, mind, and spirit, bodily discomfort may reflect strong emotional or traumatic experiences. Massage holds space for this, and encourages physical exploration into other aspects of wellness.
  • Therapeutic massage supports freedom in movement. Habitual movement patterns and postures can contribute to aches, pains, and soreness. Our bodies are amazing – they adapt to how we use them. Easing physical discomfort often requires using your body differently. You may need to alter the body mechanics you use at work and play; for example a new ergonomic setup at your workstation often helps. Screens of all types contribute to more sedentary lifestyles. The old adage “you don’t use it you lose it” is true! You are more likely to move when you are having fun, so find physical activities you enjoy. Keep active by building movement into daily tasks, not just after work at the gym. Move as much as possible, and when something hurts, the more gentle movement you can do without pain the better.
  • Massage supports good digestion. What we eat affects how our bodies feel. You probably know you need energy to contract a muscle, but you may not know you also need energy to relax it. A diet of real food that makes you feel good is necessary for good muscular health.

What’s your style?

I provide a grounded, nurturing presence to support both your body and mind to receive your therapeutic massage. Sessions are often deeply relaxing. I don’t believe that massage needs to hurt to help. That said, my work can include intense physical sensations and it is important to openly communicate to keep your massage enjoyable and productive. I love talking about what I am doing and why and I am open to your questions. However, I also encourage quietness to go deep.

I have experience working in chiropractic clinics addressing specific issues, injuries, and pain. I enjoy collaborating with other health professionals to support your goals. If you have a specific focus, your session may be different than other massages you’ve had. You may experience new sensations, a more active role, or different body positioning. I empower your feedback and consent throughout this process. You are the most knowledgeable person about your own comfort and experience.

What modalities do you use?

My specialty is therapeutic massage. My work is useful in prevention, maintenance, and healing of pain and injuries. I draw on a blend of modalities to meet your goals.

  • Want to work out a specific area giving you trouble? For this I draw on advanced deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial therapy, and muscle energy techniques.
  • Want to get balanced and improve range of motion? Try sports massage.
  • Have an acute injury (and you’ve ruled out anything that needs further medical attention)? I offer lymphatic massage.
  • Pregnant? I’m always honored to work with pregnant women and have comprehensive prenatal massage training that will keep you safe and comfortable. I also work with new mothers postpartum.
  • Want to relax and de-stress or don’t want deep work? I offer full body Swedish massage that can leave you feeling content and serene.
  • Have a scar that is giving you trouble? I offer transformational McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® for scar tissue that is causing you pain, discomfort, swelling, affecting your range of motion, inhibiting sensation, or causing emotional distress.

How long are sessions? How often should I get a massage?

I currently offer 1½ hour bodywork sessions.

Ninety minute sessions are wonderful for a full body massage as well as therapeutic work in one or two areas. It is also helpful for your first session to build in extra time to learn your goals, history, and any relevant assessment.

If we are working together on a specific challenge or pain, I recommend weekly massage until you feel 80% better. At this point, a biweekly massage ensures that you are fully supported to move through the last phase of healing.

I recommend monthly massage for preventative care and maintenance.

So what’s the deal? Do I have to get naked?

I can work directly on your skin using massage cream or oil, and I can work through clothing. You are in control of your session, so whatever feels best to you and fits your goals works for me. To ensure your modesty, I professionally drape your top sheet to only expose the areas I am working on. If you are an active person looking to focus on specific issues, wear athletic underwear to allow for easy movement during the session.

Can I book a massage with you?

Yes please! All are welcome. If you’ve reviewed this site and think we are a good fit, then head over to the Book a Massage page to find out where and when I am working.

I have a question you haven’t answered.

Great! Contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.