I’m certified to work with scar tissue!

I’m so excited to share with everyone that I am newly certified in McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, or MSTR®. I trained in this powerful technique in November 2022, and after completing five case studies I received my certification in April 2023.

MSTR® is incredibly gentle and shockingly effective. It was developed over a number of decades by Alastair McLoughlin who discovered, through trial and error, what scar tissue responds best to. The technique is systematic using very specific movements, pressure, and timing to allow scar tissue to shift and for these shifts to fully integrate. The result is that improvements remain after the session and build upon each other session to session. Many scars resolve after only a few sessions, and many need multiple sessions to progress to completion. In my case studies, I got to experience first hand massive gains in reduction of swelling, decrease in pain and discomfort, improvement in sensation, improvements in functional movement and range of motion, improvements in appearance, and integration of stressful memories. I am so excited to share this work with anyone who needs it.

MSTR® may be conducted on a range of scar tissue including scars from an injury, accident, surgery, procedure, skin graft, or burn. It is also highly effective for fibrous tissue from a muscular, ligament, tendon, or bone injury or for plantar fasciitis.

The link above takes you to exciting results including a study on c-section scars if you’d like to learn more about what is possible from this work.

With permission, below are before and after pictures from only three sessions on a scar on my client’s right hand. The initial injury was an open gash from a severe motorcycle accident, which required a subsequent surgery to close the gash and repair the pinky and ring finger tendons. The scar was a few years old. The client went from an estimated 80% functionality pre-treatment, having to use the non-dominant hand for most daily tasks, to 95% functionality and complete return to using the dominant hand after three sessions. The discomfort, numbness, locking up of the hand, and swelling the client experienced prior to our work together was completely resolved.

Before any treatment

After three treatments









I look forward to sharing this incredible work with anyone who needs it. Sessions are approximately an hour long, the timing varies depending on the way the tissue responds, and may be conducted a week or more apart from each other. I can work on any scar that is at least eight weeks old as long as there isn’t surgical mesh, an active cancerous tumor, or an infection. I’m ready to work with you to discover your challenges and goals regarding your scars. I’m grateful to be able to offer MSTR®, which provides profound opportunity for transformative change.