Welcome to my new site!

Hello friends, clients, and family, I am honored to introduce my webpage!

I will be updating this blog most months with recommendations, information, and thoughts on the healing process. I can’t wait to share resources with you that I am learning from, new insights, and information that supports you to know and love your body.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new site!”

  1. Zoe, this is wonderful!

    You know, Lester was in great need of massage therapy at his end of life. You may recall how his neck seemed frozen and he couldn’t get his head down flat. No help from the hospital. Ditto with Tim. It was the Formidable Francine, Jody’s friend/therapist, who broke up the scar tissue from the radiation treatment, allowing him to eat again. No help from the hospital or the special cancer support center, who were apparently okay with letting him starve. Hospice had a massage therapist who was available one day a month, which was absurdly inadequate. He had regular massage sessions in his last weeks from Bonnie, another of Jody’s connections, and they really helped him feel better. I’m so glad to know that you have entered this arena of personal development and health care–for you and for all the people you touch and the lives you improve. You continue to make us all amazed and proud and inspired, Zoe. Tim would be/is so pleased and supportive of this direction in your life.
    Love, hugs, kisses, and high fives to you!

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